Neferusobek was the eighth queen of the 12th Dynasty. Some historians say that she was the daughter of Amenemhat III and half sister of Amenemhat IV, her predecessor. Neferusobek was mentioned in the Karnak, Saqqara and Turin List of Kings. Three statues and a sphinx of her were found near the Nile Delta.



Horus Name




Hr mrj.t ra

Hor Meritre

Horus, Beloved of Re






Nebti Name sA.t iAm.t nb.t tA.wj

Nebti Satiametnebtitawy

The Two Ladies, daughter of the Gracious One, the mistress of the Two Lands




Golden Name



bik nbw Dd.t xa

Bik nebw Djedetkha

The Golden Falcon, stable of appearance






sbk kA ra


Sobek is the Ka of Re






nfr.w sbk


The Beauty of Sobek



Appearance in King Lists



sbk nfr.w ra


Sobek is the Beauty of Re



Appearance in Manetho


Africanus:   Scemiophris  

Scemiophris, his sister, for 4 years

Eusebius:   no mention  



It is not known where Neferusobek was buried, but she may have built a pyramid complex at Masguna.