• Flowers

    flower noun 1) in a flowering plant: the structure that bears the reproductive organs, which consists of a leafy shoot in which the leaves are modified to form sepals, petals, etc. 2) a plant that bears flowers, especially if cultivated for them. ETYMOLOGY: 13c: from French fleur, from Latin flos, floris flower.

  • Parrot tulip

    tulip noun 1) any of several spring-flowering perennial plants which each have an underground bulb and produce a single cup-shaped flower on a long stem. 2) a flower of this plant. 3) as adj, denoting something that is shaped like a tulip • tulip wine glasses. ETYMOLOGY: 16c: from the Turkish pronunciation of Persian dulband …

  • Still Life

    still life noun 1 a) a painting, drawing or photograph of an object or objects, eg a bowl of fruit, rather than of a living thing; b) as adj • still-life photography. 2 this kind of art or photography. ETYMOLOGY: 17c.

  • Panorama

    panorama noun (panoramas) 1) an open and extensive or all-round view, eg of a landscape. 2) a view of something in all its range and variety • the panorama of history. ETYMOLOGY: 18c: from Greek pan– all + horama view.