• Flowers

    flower noun 1) in a flowering plant: the structure that bears the reproductive organs, which consists of a leafy shoot in which the leaves are modified to form sepals, petals, etc. 2) a plant that bears flowers, especially if cultivated for them. ETYMOLOGY: 13c: from French fleur, from Latin flos, floris flower.

  • Parrot tulip

    tulip noun 1) any of several spring-flowering perennial plants which each have an underground bulb and produce a single cup-shaped flower on a long stem. 2) a flower of this plant. 3) as adj, denoting something that is shaped like a tulip • tulip wine glasses. ETYMOLOGY: 16c: from the Turkish pronunciation of Persian dulband …

  • Still Life

    still life noun 1 a) a painting, drawing or photograph of an object or objects, eg a bowl of fruit, rather than of a living thing; b) as adj • still-life photography. 2 this kind of art or photography. ETYMOLOGY: 17c.

  • Panorama

    panorama noun (panoramas) 1) an open and extensive or all-round view, eg of a landscape. 2) a view of something in all its range and variety • the panorama of history. ETYMOLOGY: 18c: from Greek pan- all + horama view.

  • Animal

    animal noun 1 a) zool. any member of the kingdom of organisms that are capable of voluntary movement, have specialized sense organs that allow rapid response to stimuli, and lack chlorophyll and cell walls; b) any of these excluding human beings. 2) someone who behaves in a rough uncivilized way. 3) colloq (usually an altogether …

  • Fractured

    fracture noun 1) the breaking or cracking of anything hard, especially bone, rock or mineral. 2) the medical condition resulting from this, different types of which are simple fracture, compound fracture, impacted fracture, greenstick fracture, Colles’ fracture, Pott’s fracture, etc. 3) said of freshly broken mineral rock: the appearance of the surface. verb (fractured, fracturing) …

  • Landscape

    landscape noun 1) the area and features of land that can be seen in a broad view, especially when they form a particular type of scenery. 2 a) a painting, drawing, photograph, etc of the countryside, often depicting natural elements, such as trees, rivers, mountains, etc; b) the genre of this. 3) as adj a) …